World of Podcasts - Shadowlands

  • ​Sil from Whispers of War (Moderator)

  • Nick Z. from WoW! Talk!

  • Medros from All Things Azeroth

  • Berzerker or from Unshackled Fury

  • Gerissar from from Technically PvP

World of Podcasts - Heroes of the Storm

  • Kyle Fergusson from Into the Nexus (Moderator)

  • Jules Scott from HeroesHearth/CCL

  • Anne Elise from Queue For Fun

  • Monica Stone aka Wickedkitten from Queue For Fun

  • Kiyeberries (Streamer)

World of Podcasts - WoW Classic

  • Defcamp from DefTalk (Moderator)

  • Melderon from Good Morning Azeroth

  • Josh Corbett from Countdown to Classic

  • BlazzinBob from Warcraft Reloaded

World of Podcasts - Hearthstone

  • Ridiculous Hat from Coin Concede (Moderator)

  • Stormraige from Blizzlet

  • Ray from from Well Met

  • DaringAlkaline from from Doctor 3

  • Steve Lubitz from Off Curve

World of Podcasts - Overwatch

  • Totemlydrunk from Overwatch Recall (Moderator)

  • Ramses from from Push the Point

  • Edanar from from Heroes Never Die

  • Xavier from from The Scrapyard

  • Atomiix from from Omnic Weekly

World of Podcasts - Warcraft Lore

  • Gin from Morally Grey (Moderator)

  • Ali from Dungeon Fables

  • Manny from For Azeroth

  • Katie from Tauren & Goblin

  • Pride from But Wait, There's Lore!

World of Podcasts - Shadowlands

  • Frazley from Frazlcast (Moderator)

  • EJ from Girls Gone WoW

  • Neth from Azeroth Coast to Coast

  • Leeta from WoW Challenges

  • Hydra from Twisted Nether Blogcast

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